Thursday, February 17, 2011

So I have been teaching about the food pyramid and nutrition the past two weeks. It simply amazes me that children cannot tell you whether a food is a fruit or a vegetable. No offense to any lunch ladies out there, but let me tell you about my observations. First of all, we only have one lady on each lunch line. They put the meat (or so-called meat) on the tray. The kids then have to choose their sides from the line. The thought of all of those plastic food containers in the landfill really bothers me. They are definitely not eco-friendly. (Sorry, ADD must've kicked in.) Anyhoo, the kids have to choose. Really? Do you think kids are going to put slaw on their tray? (Probably about 1/4 of them will since it's the only meal they may get in the day.) Their little arms will not reach the choices, and I spend my minuscule lunch period hovering over them like mother hen making sure they put something on their tray. Did I mention that the choices are usually sandwiches made with white bread and hamburgers? One of my kids asked today why we always have to have sandwiches. Who knows. This year, the lunch ladies are offering our dear little darlings (K, 1st, and 2nd) 2 fruits. They wrote a sign that says choose only 1 fruit and taped it above the kids' heads on the glass overhang; which even if they could see it, they probably couldn't read it (at least the kindergartners.) I also use the tongs to put the banana cut in half or half of an apple on their plates so they won't stick their germy little fingers in there. My point is, if I didn't stand there, they would get yelled at for having 2 fruits on their trays, because they have no clue what a fruit is! Also, did you know that Jell-O and a frozen juice bar counts as a fruit? 

I found this website complete with lesson plans and printables on the food pyramid (which I bet you didn't know it has changed!)

I hope you are inspired to fix your child's lunch now! ;) However, that was not my intention. But we have a great idea on what we are going to write our next persuasive essay about!

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