Friday, February 11, 2011

100th Day Activities

So, it snowed in Georgia. The shelves of the grocery stores were empty. No milk nor bread was to be found. Sugar was also a missing commodity around the state. Schools were in a panic. People were in a panic. The world was going to end! Snowmageddon was amongst us! We had only returned to school for 3 days after Christmas break when Jack Frost decided to rear his ugly face. School was canceled for an entire week since the temperatures never rose above freezing, and snow plows and sand trucks are few and far between. Report cards would be late. Teachers and parents worry about losing spring break in order to make up the days. But most importantly, days like the 100th day were postponed. However, the day finally came. The day when all kindergartners are asked to bring in 100 items. The day when 100's charts jam up the copiers. The day when everyone counts by 5's, 10's, and 20's. The day that is known as the 100th day of school. 

 So the 2nd grade teachers decided it would be cute to dress up like 100 year old grannies. Mrs. W. looked like Strega Nona with the coolest walking cane in town that was adorned with it's own pill bottle, horn, and crossing sign. Humped-back old ladies swarmed the halls (some nicer and some meaner.) Here's some words of advice: baby powder in the hair is enough to drive a woman crazy. I itched all day and when I would scratch my scalp, a cloud of powder encircled my head like a wreath! The best part about it was the fact that I had spilled my coffee on my hideous yellow cardigan coming through the door that morning. It left a nasty old stain. So, I just had to tell everyone I forgot my arthritis medicine and had the shakes real bad. 

 Hideous I know, but the kids had a blast!

We played a partner game that is called Race to 100. The kids roll 2 dice and add the numbers together. They color in their sum on the 100's chart. Whoever reaches 100 wins. 

I have cut apart several hundreds boards copied on cardstock into various shapes and puzzle pieces. They must try to put the hundreds boards back together. This task was a lot harder for them than I expected. 

They also had to work with their "eye" partners and had to write as many ways to show 100 as possible. They were very creative with this assignment. I got several random addition problems, multiplication facts, counting by 2's, 5's, and 10's, tallies, and much more. 

For our 100th Day writing activity, I had made a $100 bill with each of their pictures in the middle at,0. I gave them their $100 and asked them to write what they would spend it on. It was amazing how far some of them could actually stretch their money! I read everything from Lamborghinis to their own business (not to mention the one who would use it to buy a girlfriend.) They sure do make me laugh sometimes!

I forgot to mention the kid that said he would buy me a new car. Wasn't that sweet? Can you say brown-noser? Hehe! I love him. I'm just not sure I want a car that only costs $100.

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