Thursday, March 17, 2011

Subtraction with Regrouping

Oh boy! It's that time of year when BCPS second graders are learning subtraction with regrouping. Some days it makes me want to...
(That's not really me!)
Sometimes I feel like a successful teacher when I see...
I've even had kids beg to do more of it!

Here we are using our base-10 blocks to regroup.

And here is our addition and subtraction unit bulletin board featuring our essential questions.

To help the kids remember to start in the ones place, I write HTO on our 3 column chart. We always shout "Green means go in the O!" as we make O's with our hands over our heads. 

Then we have to look for more. We circle the number that is more and think about the poem 
We have motions we do with this poem...
More on top...

No need to stop!
More on the floor

Go next door

and get 10 more

Number's the same, zero's my game.

Happy subtracting!


  1. LOVE THIS! We are knee-deep in subtraction with regrouping right now, so this will be perfect. Plan on using it during Morning Meeting tomorrow!!

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