Friday, March 18, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

Wow! What a fun day! Wild and crazy, too!  On the day before St. Patty's Day, my teacher friend and I decided to create a leprechaun trap to put at the end of the second grade hall. It turned out really well, even if I do say so myself.

We used fake gold coins to try to trick him into the trap by placing them on a plate full of sticky tape.

When we got into the classroom in the morning, he had totally wrecked our classroom!

He had turned over several desks and chairs.

He even knocked stuff off of my desk.

He threw my stuffed animals all over the place.

He dumped out all of my marbles!

He turned all of my computer screens around backwards!

He knocked over my trash cans.

He moved all of the kids clips to red - Automatic one way trip to the principal's office!

He opened all of my drawers, dumped out my glue, and dumped out all of my pens. If I could've gotten my hands on that little man, I would've hurt him!

Guess what else? He turned my water green! Then, when some of the kids went to the restroom, the toilet water was green as well. 
What a stinker!
Mr. Betz also tried to set a trap to catch him and bribed him with cookies, but he didn't fall for that either. Here is a video of what took place:

So we tried to carry on with our normal activities throughout the day. We did an art project using crayon resist and watercolors. 

We did our Lucky Charms graphing activities.

We wrote about what the sneaky little leprechaun did.
We made a mess and left it for me to have to clean up on Monday. Oops! I forgot to wash out my brushes. I guess it was all of the excitement.
 Then at the end of the day, I went to pick up the kids from PE. This is what we found on my door! I dreaded what I might find when I opened our door.

He had strewn the kids' bookbags everywhere and turned over a few chairs. That little booger!

All I can say is, "IT IS ON, MR. LEPRECHAUN!!!!!"....Next year!!!!


  1. So cute! Colby had a great St Pattys day at school!!! Love the trap and note the Leprecaun left!!!


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